Tuesday 22Sept15

Tuesday 22Sept15

A.  Power Clean + FS + Jerk; 50×2, 60×2, 70x2x3, 80x2x3
B.  BN Snatch Grip push pressx3x3 then 2 sets for a tough double
C.  Snatch DL off 2” deficit; 60×5, 70×5, 80×5, 90×5, 100×5 **all with 5 sec. lowering
D.  Front Squat; 70×3, 80x3x2
*I popped a rib head out as I was warming up for Part A…pulling and going overhead were very tough.
A. 150-180-210-240 (2 misses).  I used my split jerk weight…not my push jerk
B. 135-155-175-205-205 (fail)
C. 130-155-175-200-220
D. Did this Wednesday…hard on my back with the rib issue.

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