Saturday 26Sept15

Saturday 26Sept15

A.  Back Squat;50×5, 60×5, 70×5, 80x3x5
B.  German Snatch; 50×2, 60×2, 70×2, 80×5
C.  incline bench press x5x5
20mile bike… low stress.. just chill and pedal
A. 195-235-275-315 (5×3 reps) *the 315 was a battle
B. 115-130-150-170 (failed after 2 reps.  Just didn’t feel good…too heavy…)  Went back to 150 and worked on positioning in the hole with a 10 sec pause
C. 170-180-185-190-195 (180 was my heaviest previous set)
D. Done.  My butt hurt more than anything else.  Steady 240 watts.

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